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Membership is free and open to all living beings who observe the Seven Objects of the Church...


The Seven Objects

Recognise the hallucinatory nature of reality

Investigate all aspects of the reality-hallucination

Receive all phenomena with equanimity

Celebrate and uphold the freedom of art, science and thought

Meet mistakes with forgiveness and determination

Do what you want, with love in your heart

Maintain focus on the unity of all living beings


We Love You

Church of the Cosmic Skull are not only one of the most exciting rock bands in the world today, but also an ever-growing spiritual organization, spreading the light of the Cosmic Rainbow across this planet and beyond. 

The Church released their second studio album ‘Science Fiction’ in May 2018 on limited edition heavyweight vinyl, CD (Kozmik-Artifactz), and limited edition cassette (Septaphonic). 

Described as ‘Occult Pop’ for fans of ELO, Deep Purple, Fleetwood Mac and Queen, the 9 track record from the Nottingham based ‘spiritual organisation’ sees an expansion on the prog / psych / retro stylings and hook-heavy songwriting of the critically acclaimed debut ‘Is Satan Real?’ (2016 Bilocation Records. “★★★★” - MOJO). Piano and vintage synths have been introduced alongside the Hammond organ, electric cello and six-part vocal harmonies, resulting in a sound that truly ‘puts the ABBA in Sabbath’. 

The decision to self-produce the release is a reflection of both the changing landscape of the music industry, and the Church’s wholeheartedly DIY approach, having turned down major label offers in favour of maintaining independence. Quoting one of the ‘7 Objects’, Church founder Bill Fisher describes the record as a chance to ‘Celebrate and uphold the freedom of art, science and thought.’ 

The Church continue to announce  UK and European shows, having played Desertfest Berlin and the 'Live in Space Tour' which culminated in  the sold-out hometown show with a 40 piece choir and 7 foot suspended septahedron. The group are contributing a track to Magnetic Eye Records’ Pink Floyd ‘The Wall Redux’ tribute album alongside the Melvins and Mark Lanegan, and continue their ‘Tele-Vision’ output with new music videos, coming soon at




The best British hard rock debut since the Temperance Movement’s self-titled opus in 2013”

— Chris Ball - Echoes and Dust

"Musically, they have that 1970’s heavy psych sound, a little like Hawkwind, and they sound absolutely fantastic. While they’re heavy, they’re not really heavy but they do have a real depth of sound that the Hammond organ, the electric cello and the six-part vocal harmonies all contribute to. They also have an absolutely stunning light show – for a debut gig it’s a tremendous performance."

Gav Squires - Nottingham Live
full review

"What we have here are genuine mainstream contenders. It’s not even a ‘grower’- from the first spin this album is instantly, gob-smackingly, impressive... One of the most impressive things about the band is their ability to fuse so many varied influences and yet remain utterly themselves...Imagine the combined talents of Stevie Nicks era Fleetwood Mac, Deep Purple and SFA’s and you may just have some idea of what to expect."

Chris Ball - Echoes and Dust
full review

One of the finest rock records of 2016”

— Sarah Lay - Louder Than War

"A rising choir of harmonies, some unusual instrumentation and big riffs and growling lead vocals the tracks take the best of the theatrical side of rock and do away with self-indulgent and overt technical displays. It brings rock music back to a core of pounding melodies and ominous builds; a listen that is huge the first time but reveals an underlying complexity of concept with further plays."

Sarah Lay - Louder Than War
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“Church of the Cosmic Skull have thrown the doors open with this debut full-length. The fact that their range comes with a corresponding cohesion of sound and purpose makes Is Satan Real? even more impressive. Its shining moments blind and its darker moments pull downward, but it’s in being able to pull off both and craft such seamlessness between the two sides that the band truly begin to make their mark.”

JJ Koczan - The Obelisk
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