Do you suffer from:

Occasional sadness?
Financial worries?
Relationship problems?
Social awkwardness?
Sexual inadequacy?
Disdain for people you don’t like?
Confusion at things you find hard to understand?

If so, you may be the victim of


Fear not,
We have all the answers,
completely free!

Deprogram  your mind in 7 simple steps!

That feeling you’ve always had – being different from the rest – like you don’t belong – it’s a clear sign that you are under the spell of mainstream culture and the grey forces of normality. Escape now or face the total destruction of your individuality and true self.

It’s free and easy!

Join us here to embark on the world-renowned indoctrination program of spiritual guidance and song, a technological science-based system for unleashing your true Cosmic Potential… 

– The Psychic Ascension To Humanity –
or simply

The Path

The Cosmic Family

When you embark on The Path you join The Cosmic Family – an ever-growing community of over 15,000 trusted music lovers and proponents of inspiration, truth and ascension!

Unai Endemaño

You have found the key to unlock eternal  happiness and freedom. Be aware that peers and authority figures may  display jealous behaviour, and make all sorts of claims to undermine our solidarity.

Ignore their ‘advice’
You have a new family now!

Enter the Inner Sanctum

It’s much easier to maintain focus on the unity of all living beings from inside an exclusive members area – The Cosmic Family have instant access to the Inner Sanctum, where they can access exclusive discounts, content and rare merch items!

– Because we love you –

Early Access to New Songs!

The wandering brain-chatter or ‘inner dialogue’ is something the mystics have sought to silence since the dawn of consciousness itself.

Skip years of boring meditation practice and attain instant peace via the in-depth listening experience that is The Path.

Whenever we release new tracks, The Cosmic Family get exclusive pre-listens directly within the hidden pages of The Path, completely free, before anyone else!

Free MIND Pack!

As if total enlightenment and spiritual freedom wasn’t enough – you can now get a T-Shirt, badge and pamphlet combination pack for FREE* when you complete The Path!

Using the new MIND Pack you can transform yourself into a complete and utter PITA (Proponent of Inspiration, Truth and Ascension), spewing forth the light of Cosmic Rainbow from every street corner!

*Free± with any other purchase after completing a few short MIND tasks at the end of The Path!

Proven Scientific Methods

Jan Hoffman

Fear and Resolution

Dangerous cult-like organisations use many tactics to take advantage of you, including: fear-mongering and conspiracy theory; elaborate multi-step programs which promise easy answers to all your problems; dubious websites with lots of buttons that try to get you to sign up without hesitation.

Over the seven short days on The Path, you’ll receive a series of emails and hidden webpages directly from Brother Bill – here, we explore these various brainwashing techniques and learn how to become immune to  them through the power of The Seven Objects and the 432hz Cosmic Resonance Music of the Church.