Upcoming Congregations

“If you can catch this band live, you'd be mad not to"

- Leftlion

“The interplay between the musicians is exceptional”

- Midlands Rocks


“A purely auditory LSD hypnosis, as if everything had suddenly been teleported to the 70s"

- Wav Magazine Spain​

Booking Contacts

Artboard 3

Booking UK & EU
Bill Fisher for Cyclopean Productions:
[email protected]

Booking  North America
Jake DeVries for Heavy Talent:
[email protected]

Booking Australia
Anthony Blayney for Your Mate Bookings:
 [email protected]

Booking Benelux
Davy Knobel for IDVI Agency:
[email protected]

Booking EU Festivals
Arnaud Merckling for Total Volume:
[email protected]